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how to start a home businessThanks for visiting I created this site to show others how to start a home business by sharing honest information that I’ve collected over my years in the home business industry.

most home business coaches have never done it themselves

So, if you’re looking for ways to make money at home, I welcome you to my website and encourage you to read through the articles and blog posts here as you explore your options.

Why Learn How to Start a Home Business?

Don't make this home business mistakeThere are lots of good reasons for learning how to start a home business. For starters, let’s just use my story as an example. I have been successfully self-employed since my early twenties running traditional storefront businesses.

However, the hours were long and when the economy took a nosedive after the dot com crash, my traditional business suffered. I knew then that I needed to learn how to start a home business.

But why did I want to start a home business? And, just what makes a home business better than a traditional storefront business?

Well, a home business is better… and that’s because there are tons of advantages to starting a business working from home.

Here are just a few reasons to start a home business:

  • Low Overhead Costs – Overhead costs are how much it costs just to keep your business open. These costs include rent, marketing costs, insurance costs, paying employees, buying equipment and keeping merchandise in stock, and other costs like repairs and maintenance on your store. Once you learn how to start a home business, you don’t have to worry about much of these costs, because you don’t have a storefront (no rent) and you don’t need employees (at least not in the businesses I run from home).
  • No Merchandise to Stock – It’s true that in some home businesses you will be buying and selling products. However, we live in a technology-driven economy. Even if you’re selling physical products that need to be shipped to customers, I can show you ways around having to stock and ship those products yourself. Once you discover how to start a home business, this makes for a very worry-free and hands off business!
  • Very Low Advertising Costs – There are more ways to advertise a business today than there ever have been. When I started my first traditional storefront business 20 years ago, I only had a few very costly ways to advertise. These included running ads in the local newspaper, direct mail, and the Yellow Pages. Well, I don’t need to tell you that the internet has changed all that. These days if I don’t want to spend a dime marketing and advertising my home business, I don’t have to. This website is a perfect example of free internet advertising in action.
  • Flexible Hours – With a traditional storefront business, you have to keep regular hours so that you’re open when customers come to visit. While I still have to “go to work” each day, I get to make my own hours. And, if I want to take a day off, I have automated systems in place that allow me to make sales and profits, even when I’m on vacation.
  • Work From Anywhere – This is one of my favorite reasons for learning how to start a home business. Along with the advertising and marketing revolution that the internet has made possible, the technology boom has also made it possible to run your home business from virtually anywhere. So long as I have cell phone reception and an internet connection, I’m set. So, if I want to get out of the home office for a few hours and go work at the local coffee shop, enjoying a hot cappuccino while I work on my home business, I can do that. It’s great for when you want a change of scenery.
Of course, there can be a downside to working from home and starting a home business. You can check out my article on Tips For Working From Home to find out what they are, and how to avoid them.
This info on how to start a home business is gold

My Goal Is To Help You Find Out How To Start a Home Business

My goal with Home Business is to help you by showing you how to start a home business. It’s not that complicated, although it does take some effort and discipline to make it happen. Even so, you can do this, so long as you are willing to work to achieve your dreams of working from home in your own home business.

I have some exciting things in store for you over the coming weeks and months that you’ll want to know about.

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